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The “Search Details” feature of Sim Directory is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly and easily find information about any mobile number in Pakistan. With this feature, users can simply enter a mobile number and Sim Directory will return a comprehensive list of details about the number, including the network provider, the city or region where the number is registered, and the owner of number.

Search History

The “Search History” feature of Sim Directory is convenient and allows users to keep track of their past searches. With this feature, users can easily view a list of all the mobile numbers they have searched. This can be helpful for users who need to refer back to previous searches or who want to keep track of their phone number usage. The “Search History” feature can also be used to identify and avoid duplicate searches.


The “CNIC Pic” feature of Sim Directory is unique and allows users to search for Pakistani CNIC numbers and view associated CNIC picture details. While this feature provides access to a limited number of CNIC pictures, it serves as a valuable resource for those seeking quick verification of CNIC information. This feature can be particularly beneficial for businesses conducting background checks or individuals verifying the authenticity of CNICs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Answers To The Most Asked Questions By The Users On Sim Directory App

Directory App is an online phone number tracking and caller identification app. It allows instant lookups of SIM owner details and CNIC information for any local mobile number.

Yes, the SIM Directory App can search for details of any active Pakistani mobile number whether prepaid or postpaid.

No, the SIM Directory App does not allow free searches without registration to check numbers.

You can see the owner’s name, CNIC, address, SIM issue details, mobile carrier, and activation date for any number.

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